Aligned Action: The Key to CEO Effectiveness

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Organizational objectives and desired outcomes are best achieved when clearly articulated and repeated often.

The Work of Leaders Made Simple: Vision, Alignment, and Execution

Business leaders often voice frustration because their message in its true intent is not reaching all the ranks. The reality is, most people need to hear things 7 times before committing it to memory. Therefore role requirements, goals and objectives also need to be repeated frequently enough to ensure everyone involved is present to and aware of the game plan and what it looks like to win. Some leaders of larger organizations cascade their message to the workforce through their trusted and capable management team.

Alignment happens intrinsically when people are gathered together in service of a mission bigger than themselves. They are called forth by the purpose and the mission and then measure their success by milestones and accomplishments along the way. A leader that celebrates forward movement, learning from failures, taking risks and working collaboratively to remove barriers and advance is a leader who teaches his troops to keep their eye on the prize.

Why Aligning Training To Company Vision And Brand Is Beneficial To You

One of the most important components necessary to nurture and grow workforce alignment is for the leader and management to have a strong relationship with their word. Trusting senior leaders and management is a critical driver of employee engagement.

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Integrity and open communication is one of the most crucial behaviors of highly effective leaders. People do not trust a leader of an organization who does not follow through on promises or has a reputation as someone who re-negotiates agreements after the fact. Trust is not about being perfect and certainly not about keeping things static and steady. It is about clearly communicating when and why things need to change, and giving people advance notice of those changes and how they can best adapt.

Building and fostering an Aligned and Purposeful workforce is a sure way to optimize, energize and retain your best people. Clearly Articulate Expectations and Intended Outcomes Organizational objectives and desired outcomes are best achieved when clearly articulated and repeated often.

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Search for:. Ask them, "Paul, what do you see as our company's top three goals? Help your team connect their department and individual goals and priorities to the company's. While it's great to have "two top goals as a company", but what does that mean to your operations manager? How about to your accounting department?

And your sales team? You've got to make sure that you bring your goals and priorities into context for each of your team members and departments. Translate your team member and department goals and priorities into observable behaviors and concrete action steps.

Creating a Motivated Team Aligned for Peak Performance - Carew CEO Jeff Seeley

How will they know they are operating in alignment with your company goals and priorities? What will they do over the next 90 days--behaviorally--that will progress the company and is in alignment with these goals and priorities? You've got to make it concrete and behavioral.

Get your management team to review company and department behavior at least monthly ideally bi-weekly to make sure it is in alignment with company goals and priorities. If it isn't which is likely to be the case initially use this as an opportunity to coach and redirect. Accept that for most companies, this is going to be a long, slow process of applying gentle pressure--relentlessly.

Over time, you will be able to shape the behaviors and norms for your company so that this "aligned" behavior becomes part of our company culture. Highlight stories and successes of how individuals, teams, departments, or the company as a whole acted in alignment with its goals and priorities. Shaping culture requires lots of small "nudges". Look for any reasonable excuse to give things one more nudge.

The Work of Leaders Made Simple: Vision, Alignment, and Execution | CEO to CEO

Role model the behavior you want your team to internalize. If you aren't consistent with what you're asking them to do, they'll spot it in an instant and you'll lose all credibility. Use tough, emotional moments as examples of how serious your company is to live its goals and priorities. A tough decision in alignment with your company values and priorities will have more impact on your real culture than any dozen "easy" moves you make.