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Paris left Menelaus' palace with Helen in tow. To regain Menelaus' stolen wife, his brother Agamemnon led the Greek troops to war against Troy. Crafty Odysseus used trickery to get away from Polyphemus. When Polyphemus' brothers heard him roaring with pain, they asked who was hurting him. He answered, "nobody," since that was the name Odysseus had given him.

The cyclops brothers went away, mildly puzzled, and so Odysseus and his surviving followers, clinging to the under-bellies of Polyphemus' sheep, were able to escape.

Dealing with Betrayal

Share Flipboard Email. Gill is a freelance classics and ancient history writer. She has a master's degree in linguistics and is a former Latin teacher. Updated September 03, Clytemnestra or her live-in lover murdered Agamemnon. Continue Reading. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our. Our innocence is shattered. How could this happen?

Who is this person? Affairs are more complex. Should we gather our dignity and end the relationship? Or, is there a way to maintain our dignity while attempting to heal and rebuild trust? Perhaps love is still alive and our partner admits his or her mistake and expresses remorse. Would it be a courageous risk to give our partner another chance or a foolish mistake to trust again? Repeated expressions of heartfelt sorrow and regret by the betrayer may offer some hope for healing. Perhaps with helpful support, the betrayed person can take a risk to reveal vulnerable feelings that lie beneath the initial anger and outrage.

In some situations, we may not have contributed to the betrayal except perhaps by making an unfortunate choice for a partner. It takes courage to consider whether we might have played some unknowing role in a betrayal.

Maybe we neglected our partner in some subtle way. Crow By Lili St.

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Crow Best Seller. Paperback —. Add to Cart. About Betrayals She? Also in Strange Angels.

Jada Pinkett Smith Says There Have Been 'Betrayals of the Heart' in Her Marriage to Will Smith

Also by Lili St. About Lili St. Crow Lili Saintcrow was born in New Mexico, bounced around the world as an Air Force brat, and fell in love with writing when she was ten years old. Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Bridge of Clay. Markus Zusak.

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Jada Pinkett Smith Says There Have Been "Betrayals of the Heart" in Relationship With Will Smith

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