Kickin Butt as a Single Parent – 99 Tips Every Single Parent Must Have

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Resilient Heart. Bring On The Joy. Don't worry. It's ok if you feel good this way! Once try to think how would be getting older without having kids, and if you feel would be good don't worry, you are on a good way! Both choices, to have or not have kids, have consequences. There are so many things that can come from either side, and neither is wrong, so long as both can keep their stuff straight. Thank you for your comment if it was directed to me. The fact you realize that already makes you a great person.

Some people have kids for the wrong reasons. I'm glad you are one of the people that realizes that raising kids is hard work and you'd rather spend that time taking care of yourself. I also think it's great that you and Shana give the parents of your nieces and nephews a break every once in a while. Sometimes that's all parents need is a little break to reset the parental energy levels. Oh hell no. Never wanted kids and thank God I never had them. But I'd like to tip my hat and give a shout out to everyone that has kids including my mom who had me.

It is not an easy job as you can see. And I have nothing but respect for parents. But I thank God I never had any. Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app.

10 Things Never to Say to a Single Mom

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Helping Adult Children with Parental Alienation Syndrome

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Ban Baby-Making Unless Parents Are Licensed

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Facebook Pinterest Twitter. Final score:. Dibbo Sadhukhan 9 months ago Dont be absurd my kid isnt a unique gift.


JillVille 9 months ago When my daughter was 2, she refused to hold my hand when crossing the street. Kjorn 9 months ago love the smile… it's perfect for that text. Komal Aprajita Pandey 9 months ago told ya. Hans 9 months ago Fabulous they say. Ridiculous I think. Mother Mary Helen 9 months ago Truth.

Sam W. Mother Mary Helen 9 months ago Me at 50, after getting out of bed in the morning. Carmen Elena 9 months ago I can relate. Mother Mary Helen 9 months ago Why would you want to sleep like a baby? William Teach 9 months ago Usually about 10 minutes later. Cassie 9 months ago My kids didn't know batteries could be replaced until the oldest hit double digits in age.

Nini Meow 9 months ago Haha..

Henry Hart’s Family Learns His Secret?! + BONUS Scenes 😲 Henry Danger - #FunniestFridayEver

Otis Spunkmeyer 9 months ago I ate what was put in front of me. My other option was to not eat. Lara L. Maria Kumar 9 months ago This has literally just happened to me. The Girl on Fire 9 months ago You don't even have to be a mom to get this one Dibbo Sadhukhan 9 months ago But but but i am king in the North. Dibbo Sadhukhan 9 months ago you need to make more kids because if you drink 3 kids they wont last long. Mother Mary Helen 9 months ago False. I have never been chill as a capybara. Just another bot 9 months ago And that most of your old party dresses don't fit anyway : oh the regrets.

Mother Mary Helen 9 months ago This hits way close to home. JillVille 9 months ago Such bliss! Hassini 9 months ago That's what my sister does to me!

Bored Fox 9 months ago I don't understand why as a kid I loved snow and degrees Celsius was not a problem - it was still easy to spend couple of hours playing outside. Re-in-act-ment 9 months ago Also me: How do I abort at months. Louise Brigance 9 months ago And if it wasn't for me you'd never be here! Dibbo Sadhukhan 9 months ago well her holes does get better with age maybe she will eat ya.

JillVille 9 months ago Fresh clean no diaper air So fresh and sweet! Dibbo Sadhukhan 9 months ago edited no no dont call back janice Annabell 9 months ago Yes! Mother Mary Helen 9 months ago Ah yes, brushing the eyeballs. An important part of daily hygiene. Hisseefit 9 months ago There are no sick days when you are a parent. Kjorn 9 months ago i know that feeling M O'Connell 9 months ago I'm guessing that cow is a dick.

Babies are excellent judges of character. Komal Aprajita Pandey 9 months ago click pictures?? Ian Smith 9 months ago The Daycare nap effect crushes my soul. Not Alec 9 months ago Oh crap, dats scary!!!! Troux 9 months ago The bird! BusLady 9 months ago But they woke back up at 8 pm. Bored Fox 9 months ago Here in Finland a haircut like that is called 'pottakampaus' a chamber pot haircut. Add New Image. Change image Upload Photo Ooops!

Upload Edit Image. Facebook Add watermark. Change Source Title. Get the latest inspiring stories via our awesome iOS app! Download Bored Panda app! What do you think? Ana Vieira 9 months ago A friend of mine says: "Children are the best and the worst we have in our lives. Em Cobain 9 months ago My girl is just like yours, and also the reason I didn't have any more for the same reasons as yours.

Renee Gauthier 9 months ago I had one like that. She started acting up when she was older. Lilly 9 months ago having a 'perfect' first child always makes it difficult to entertain the notion of a second one! Zori the degu 9 months ago Finally! Hallie 9 months ago A carol emery - I'm not having kids not because I'd be a lousy parent I wouldn't it's because there are too many people on this planet, and in the next years things are going to go tits if people don't change their consumption habits and the way we live our lives, drastically. SnowMercy 9 months ago Yeah I was this daughter almost exactly.

Carol Emory 9 months ago edited I look at it this way.. KT Trondsen 9 months ago Ah it's all in jest, don't take it so literally. Melisa K. J purple ramen 5 months ago That's sad that you don't like your kids.

Full Name 9 months ago At least one other person understands! Leslie Fish 9 months ago I never had children because I was poor and I would not breed what I could not feed. Karen Lyon 9 months ago My aunt, mother of two, grandmother of four, once said something very wise: being a Mom or a Dad is easy. Anna Repp 9 months ago Oh no! Nia Loves Art 9 months ago You are aware that parents are individuals and not a monolithic group, right? Azure Adams 9 months ago Every. Rob Lucchetti 9 months ago Spoken like someone with out kids Ruth Kletke 9 months ago This comment is hidden.

Reilly Beryll 9 months ago I refuse to have children simply because of most of these things. Shana 9 months ago I have 2 nieces and a nephew.