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Hugh de Lusignan, the slighted fiancee of Isabella of Angouleme had sought redress from his overlord Phillip Augustus, who promptly summoned John to the French court to answer for his actions. John refused to comply and accordingly, Phillip, acting under feudal law, claimed those territories ruled by John as Count of Poitou and declaring all John's French territories except Gascony forfeit, he invaded Normandy.

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Chateau Gaillard, Richard's impregnable castle, fell to the French after a long siege in , it was followed by the rest of Normandy. John, his resources exhausted, was forced to flee the smoking rubble of his father's once great French Empire. Eleanor of Aquitaine entered the Abbey of Fontevrault, where she took the veil.

She died there on 1st April, , aged eighty-two, a remarkable age for the time. Eleanor had slipped into a coma, according to the annals of Fontevrault she 'existed as one already dead to the world'. She was buried at Fontevrault beside the tombs of the husband who had imprisoned her and whom she had hated and her beloved and favourite son, Richard. In whilst he was fighting to recover his French territories, the King married his illegitimate daughter, Joan , then aged around fifteen, to Llywelyn the Great, or Llywelyn ap Iorwerth, Prince of Gwynedd circa An astute political manipulator, Llywelyn then did homage to John for all his Welsh possesions.

Joan was John's daughter by a mistress known only as Clemence. In Prince Llywelyn accompanied John on his campaign into Scotland. Llywelyn went on to steadily increase his influence in Wales and conquered southern Powys in John became concerned at the growth of his son-in-law's power and viewed it as a theat to his own authority in the province. When Llywelyn attacked the lands of the Earl of Chester in , John threw his support behind the latter. The king marched into Wales with an army, receiving the support of many of the other Welsh princes, he marched toward Deganwy.

Llywelyn's army employed the classic guerilla tactic of retreating to the hills, and taking the supplies with them. John had made no provision for supplying Deganwy Castle by sea, and was therefore forced to return to England or face starvation. John returned to Wales within three months, with a well provisioned army, crossing the River Conway, he encamped on the Menai Strait, penetrating deep into the heart of Gwynedd.

Llywellyn sent his wife, Joan, John's daughter, to sue for peace. Llywelyn capitalized on growing Welsh resentment against John, and led a revolt against him, which received the blessing of Pope Innocent III.

King John Biography

By Llywelyn had regained the Perfeddwlad and burned a castle erected by John at Ystwyth. Llywelyn's revolt delayed John's planned invasion of France, Llywelyn formed an alliance with John's enemy, King Phillip Augustus of France, later allying himself himself with the discontented English barons who were in rebellion against him. In he marched on Shrewsbury and captured the town with little resistance. Over the following three years Llywelyn extended his power base into South Wales, becoming without doubt the single most powerful figure in Wales.

John's daughter, Joan died in at Garth Celyn and Llywelyn suffered a paralytic stroke later in the same year. He died at the Cistercian Abbey of Aberconwy, his own foundation, on 11th April, and was buried there. His stone coffin was later removed to the parish church of Llanwrst, where it can still be seen. The King turned his attention to administration and justice in England, having inherited some of his famous father's administrative ability and restless energy.

Pope Innocent III was annoyed at John's interference in the election of an Archbishop of Canterbury in , a quarrel ensued, resulting in England being placed under an interdict, no church services could be held for six years.

King John of England

In , the difficult John himself was excommunicated. The English barons were entering into plots against him, and John wisely made peace with the Pope. A village kept secret for centuries receives a visitor at long last and finds the course of its destiny changed forever. A private investigator is hired to track down a missing girl on the run from a mysterious Silicon Valley corporation. A black couple is pulled over by police when a simple traffic stop becomes a nightmare they will never forget.

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Cintia Mariusa Bregoli tries to help her remember. Strange events occur in the house King John does whatever it takes to keep himself on the throne of England, making enemies of the pope, France, and his nephew along the way. In a way it is understandable, with other plays of his having more clarity to their stories and characters that stick in the mind more, though John himself is interesting.

That is not to say that it should be obscure, it doesn't deserve that. Enough of the story does intrigue, boasting some great moments like the dungeon scene, and it is very hard to go wrong with Shakespeare's language. It is not among the best of the series, but also not among the worst and actually found it to be better than some of the series' productions of the more famous Shakespeares i. The costumes and lighting are pretty dreary for my tastes but it was the pretty cheap looking sets that fare worse, especially the outdoor scenes where a pretty poor job is done trying to make them convincing as outdoor sets.

There have been more intensity at times, parts are on the static and vague side. Do agree too that having the dungeon scene in its entirety would have given that scene here more emotional impact, it's still poignant but doesn't quite wrench the heart as much as it could have done. Did find Charles Kay slightly mannered as Philip. However, the video directing is suitably intimate while also being opened up just the right amount. The music is a lovely touch, it fits beautifully and is great on its own too.

The production does nobly in making the drama as clear and accessible as possible, not always succeeding but that's down to the play itself than the stage direction. Enough of the tension and poignancy does come through, like in the dungeon scene and the argument between John and Hubert. Can't fault Shakespeare's text of which Philip's end of Act 2 soliloquy is the highlight.

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Seeing Leonard Rossiter, known for comedic roles, in a dramatic role and in Shakespeare was of great interest to me, and he proved to be riveting in the title role showing John's admirable strengths as well as obvious faults. A great thing that he managed to make King John so dimensional and more complex, personally associated him when younger as rather villainous reading history books portraying him as that. George Costigan is the other standout, showing great authority in his role with ease.

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  6. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Louis, the son of Philip of France made King of England and the Death of King John They found themselves not strong enough to make head against him; so they invited Louis, the son of Philip of France and husband of John's niece, to come and be their king. He came, and was received in London, while John and his bands of soldiers were roaming about the eastern counties, wasting and burning everywhere till they came to the Wash, the bay between Lincolnshire and Norfolk, where so many rivers run into the sea.

    There is a safe way across the sands in this bay when the tide is low, but when it is coming in and meets the rivers, the waters rise suddenly into a flood.

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    So it happened to King John; he did get out himself, but all carts with his goods and treasures were lost, and many of his men. He was full of rage and grief, but he went on to the abbey where he meant to sleep. He supped on peaches and new ale, and soon after became very ill. He died in a few days, a miserable, disgraced man, with half his people fighting against him and London in the hands of his worst enemy, Louis the son of the King of France.

    Additional useful details, facts, history, biography, timeline and information about the lives of all of the Medieval Kings of England and the important events which occurred during their times, can be accessed via the Medieval Life and Times Sitemap.

    The content of this article on Medieval life and times provides free educational details, facts and information for reference and research for schools, colleges and homework for history courses and history coursework. Medieval Kings. John, King Henry II youngest son, had been called Lackland, because he had nothing when his brothers each had some great dukedom Lifetime: - Period he reigned as King of England: April 6, — October 19, He succeeded his brother, Richard the Lionheart to the throne of England Date succeeded to the throne of England: April 6, A notorious womaniser Accomplishments and Achievements or why King John was famous: His treacherous behaviour to his brother King Richard the Lionheart.

    The Barons rebellion. The Legend of Robin Hood. We recommend the following site for facts, information, characters and full script of the William Shakespeare play of King John.