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I mean, here's a movie that gives us a talented chef who's terrified of getting a four-star review, and who has a wife at home who is so neurotic as to be practically begging for large doses of valium and a daughter in high school with academic issues to go along with self-esteem problems. You could easily get a movie out of that. But Brooks isn't done; the film also gives us a Mexican immigrant woman named Flor whose immigrant status might not be totally legal and her own daughter, who has to translate for Flor since Flor speaks no English at all. Flor, looking for work, ends up being hired as the cleaning lady for Sandler's family, despite the fact that she can speak no English in her interview.

So we've got these two, and all of their interactions with the family. The conflicts that arise are pretty straightforward: Flor is alarmed when the Tea Leoni character steamrolls over her in accepting her daughter and making her virtually part of the family; Sandler seems to get steamrolled by everybody he spends much of the movie being in the room while someone else has a massive tantrum, and then after their departure, saying to no one in particular, "What just happened?

Oh, and there's a live-in Mother-in-law who just seems to be there for the ride, I guess. I'm not really sure what her purpose is, except to pop up to offer wisdom at crucial moments after being a comic-relief drunken lush during most of the film's other moments. And of course, Sandler falls in love with Flor, and she with him. There's a wonderful exchange where Sandler says something to Flor along the lines of, "It must have been hard, raising your daughter and being a widow," to which Flor responds, "What makes you think I am a widow?

Flor, by the way, is played by an actress named Paz Vega, of whom I have never heard before. And she is utterly stunning, almost distractingly stunning: during some of the film's most important scenes, I caught myself just staring at her and going, "Duhhh Now, it's to Brooks's credit that when the inevitable disaster strikes, it's not quite what we expect it to be.

But in another way, this is troublesome. I was so busy awaiting the inevitable big moment when Sandler and Flor will be tempted that I was caught totally unawares when Tea Leoni revealed that she had already been unfaithful. First, they start small by helping to get a cat down from a tree but soon they develop a grand plan to free dogs from the Maximum Security City Dog Pound!

Written in a graphic novel-chapter book hybrid format, similar to the Captain Underpants series, this easy and fun book is a treat to read. Look forward to more books in the series in the future. This lovely picture book follows the everyday life of two ballet dancers, Julia a professional ballerina, and Emma a young ballet student. Readers see them from the moment they wake up, as they attend dance lessons, eat, read, and eventually meet at the end of the story when Emma gets her performance program autographed by the prima ballerina, Julia.

Both characters devotion to ballet is made evident and ballet lovers of all ages will enjoy this story, though it is especially sure to please young readers dreaming of dancing on stage themselves one day. Eerie Elementary is alive! Only 3 students, Sam, Lucy and Antonio, know that the school was brought back to life by the mad scientist, Orson Eerie.

In book 5 of the series, a terrible snow storm hits the school forcing the students to be trapped inside for the night. Oh no! Eerie Elementary begins to freeze from the inside out! Can Sam, Lucy and Antonio save the other students before everyone freezes?

Milne with decoration by Mark Burgess in the style of E. October 14, marked the 90th anniversary of Winnie-the-Pooh by A. To celebrate the occasion, the Trustees of the Pooh Properties commissioned four authors to create a book filled with new stories about Pooh and his friends in the same magical style as A. Milne, the original author. This new collection follows Pooh throughout the year and also introduces a new character to the Hundred Acre Woods.

This delightful collection will surely charm readers of all ages and gain more followers that truly believe that Winnie the Pooh is the Best Bear in the World! With color illustrations by Mark Burgess similar in style to the art of Ernest H. Shepard, the illustrator of the original Pooh books, this sequel should not be missed. Ghost Ship by Erin Soderberg. Wally, a golden retriever puppy, and his human friend, Henry, are now official puppy pirates and part of the crew of the ship, the Salty Bone.

Together with Captain Red Beard, a Chihuahua named Steak Eyes and 2 pugs they set sail on the seven seas in search of fun and adventures! When the 2 pugs continue teasing Wally about being a brave pirate, he decides to show everyone on the ship how fearless he is by spending a night on an abandoned ship in a nearby cove. As the night progresses, Wally begins to think the ship is haunted! Will he be brave enough to stay the night? Although this is the first Super Special title, there are other books in the puppy pirate series sure to please young readers.

Kitten Pirates" game! This entertaining, early chapter book is a must read for second and third graders who love animals, especially dogs. This new book by Martin continues in the same style and manner as the original, fun Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle books by Betty MacDonald. Since Missy spent lots of time with her great aunt as a child, she has learned many magic potions and spells. When Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle goes away to find her missing pirate husband, she asks Missy to take care of her Upside-Down House, her farm, and her animals.

Essential things for a men.

Will Missy be able to help? This fun family read will win new fans and also appeal to the fans of the original series. Ciraolo has created a sweet picture book about grandparents, family, and sharing memories. This beautifully illustrated story follows a curious young child who asks her Nana about the many lines on her face.

Adley caught a Leprechaun!! St Patrick's Day Morning Routine and GOLD TRAP 🌈

Her grandmother explains the lines are where she keeps her memories and the child proceeds to test Nana by asking about various wrinkles and lines. Nana replies with a specific memory for each line which is then depicted in a two-page illustration spread. This title is ideal for a story time on the lap of a special grandparent or adult. Maybe a Fox by Kathi Appelt. Maybe a Fox is an emotionally charged realistic fiction novel, sprinkled with some of the supernatural, which explores themes of sisterhood, our connections to the natural world, and grief.

We also meet a young fox with a special connection to the spirit world whose own purpose in life is somehow tied to Jules. A wonderful story infused with magical realism, perceptive readers will find this tale poignant and affecting. You may be left pondering about this story long after you finish reading. Hungry Bird by Jeremy Tankard. How do YOU see a cat? For example, the child sees him as a friendly pet, but the fleas see him as forest of fur. The simple, repetitive text makes this a great read aloud and the illustrations are amazing.

Each page is completely different from the last! This remarkable book will be enjoyed by readers of all ages. It is already getting lots of buzz as a possible contender for the Caldecott Award! Part of the Franklin School friends series, this title is a great book for readers in grades who love stories of friendship, school, and animals!

Cody really struggles with his reading, math, and spelling at school but he loves animals. How will he get all of his animals in the show? And will he win? Fans of the Clementine series and Ivy and Bean series will enjoy reading this book. At first glance, Pax may appear to be merely a story about a boy and his fox. Peter must go to live with his grandfather so that his father can help with the war effort. Pax is the tale of these two friends and their quest to find each other again despite many obstacles. Caldecott medal winner Klassen adds his talented touch to the story by providing the many lovely illustrations.

Highly recommended for year old readers. Sensitive readers should be prepared for some graphic depictions of injuries and intense scenes. Ida, Always by Caron Levis. Illustrated by Charles Santoso. Levis has written a beautiful picture book that explores loss, grief, and how those we love are with us, always. Ida, Always follows zoo polar bears, Gus and Ida, who are the very best of friends. They spend all day together at the zoo, listening to the sounds around them and watching the people who visit.

Gus tries to spend as much time with Ida as he can as he prepares to say goodbye to his friend. Ida and Gus teach readers that although we may suffer great loss, true love and friendship remain with us long after our loved ones are gone. Inspired by real polar bears Gus and Ida at the Central Park Zoo, in New York City, this story will be a moving read and an important book to share with young children who may be coping with loss themselves. Gerald and Piggie are best friends. This is the last book in the Elephant and Piggie series and they want to thank their readers and their friends in this book!

But Gerald is afraid that Piggie will forget to thank someone important. Will he? Written and Illustrated by Yasmeen Ismail. Near the end of the story we meet a male lion who is wearing a grass skirt and also breaking stereotypes of how little boys should be. Full of bright colors, action, and an awesome message of embracing individuality, readers of all ages will enjoy this fun book. Recommended especially for preschoolers who may think outside the box themselves! Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate.

This compelling novel from the Newbery-winning author of The One and Only Ivan explores some heavy topics, such as hunger, family homelessness, and unemployment, through a lens of magical realism. Applegate's story carries readers into the life of year old Jackson whose musician parents are barely scraping by financially and facing a possible eviction. It was during this difficult time that Crenshaw, a very large talking cat with fingers, appeared to young Jackson as his imaginary friend. He now reappears as they are once again facing homelessness and Jackson struggles to deal with this reappearance and what it means for him.

Applegate addresses the very realistic struggles that many families endure in our country with a gentle but effective tone. Recommended for middle-grade readers, this title is sure to invite important conversation. George by Alex Gino George may look like a ten year old boy but deep inside, he knows he should be a girl. The author tackles this timely and important topic with dignity and grace, creating a story the reader will remember long after the last page is read.

With the help of his best friend, Kelly, George comes up with a plan so that he can be Charlotte while also letting his family know who his true self is… a girl. This is a fast, poignant read but more importantly a hopeful book. George gives the reader a glimpse into the life of a young transgender person who is looking for acceptance from his friends and family. This realistic book is more suitable for older readers due to the subject manner but it would also be an ideal book to be read and shared together as a family as an introduction to this controversial topic.

This graphic novel introduces us to Hilo, a robot that crashes to earth and is rescued by D. The longer he stays on Earth, the more Hilo remembers. Soon he realizes he may need the help of D. Fans of the Jedi Academy series will enjoy this fun, graphic novel suitable for grades This story has it all- humor, adventure, super heroes, science fiction and a great friendship. DJ and Hilo are friends who would stop at nothing to protect each other.

This real event happened in Winnie became a mascot for his regiment during the war. After the war, Winnie ended up in the London Zoo where a father and his son named Christopher Robin saw him. Sound like a famous bear you might have read about before? Milne used this bear as his inspiration for the now classic friendship story of Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin.

This endearing story, full of wonderful illustrations, will be enjoyed by readers young and old. The end of the book contains a photo album of the real life Winnie, Harry, and Christopher Robin. He is best known for his drawings of the Calaveras, amusing skeletons performing everyday activities. It also includes fascinating descriptions of the different techniques that artists use in their works for lithography, engraving and etching.

This biography book is perfect for readers in grades and gives readers insight to an important Mexican festival, the Day of the Dead. The illustrations are wonderful. This book has won the Pura Belpre Honor for its illustrations and the Sibert Nonfiction award for The Princess and the Pony by Kate Beaton. Princess Pinecone lives in a kingdom of Viking-like warriors who are rough and tough. She wants to be rough and tough too, so she asks for a pony on her birthday to help her become a warrior.

It is short and round and definitely not very warrior-ish. Readers will laugh out loud as this pony charms her way into the lives of the warriors and especially Princess Pinecone. The Princess and her pony together are unbeatable! This picture book will make a great read aloud and is perfect for grades kindergarten through second. Are you afraid of spiders? After reading this easy reading nonfiction book about spiders, you will definitely look at arachnids spiders in a new way.

Do you know that you have a better chance of being struck by lightning than being fatally bit by a spider? There are lots of other fascinating tidbits like this throughout the book to help you alleviate your fears. The endpapers contain interesting information about a variety of spider species.

Yes, keep telling yourself that spiders are good. You may never want to step on spider again, right? Written in a picture book format, this book has lots of information that will be helpful for those reports given to second and third graders. There is not an index or real photographs, but the non-scary drawings make this book a pleasure to read.

Miss Petitfour is an eccentric baker, adventurer, cat lover, reader, stamp collector and best of all, a storyteller. Her adventures with her sixteen cats will enchant readers young and old. Would you believe she flies with her cats and a magical tablecloth? The bright and colorful illustrations are delightful and also add to the charm of the story. This is a perfect book for second to fourth graders who love Mary Poppins or Mrs.

Piggle Wiggle. Jacky Ha-Ha! Since she has a stutter, she has worked hard to be the class clown. She has a joke for everything. After all, it is always better to have everybody laugh "with" you rather than "at" you. It is also easier to crack a joke than worrying all of the time about her mother who is serving in the Gulf War and her father who is working hard but never home, leaving Jacky and her sisters alone most of the time.

The Story of the Foul Leprechaun

While serving a detention after school one day, her teacher suggests Jacky should try out for the school play. Can she do this with a stutter? Should she try? Readers will find this an easy book to read with its laugh out loud short chapters. Strictly No Elephants by Lisa Mantchev; Illustrated by Taeen Yoo Young readers will enjoy this sweet picture book about friendship, differences and inclusion.

When a young boy and his tiny pet elephant are not welcome to the neighborhood pet club meeting, he ventures off and finds other children with odd pets who have been left out. They form their own pet club that welcomes everyone in the end! The various atypical pets the other children bring along are adorable and include a skunk and an armadillo.

One child is even carting around a tiny narwhal in his wagon! Recommended for ages 5 and up. Horrible Bear! By Ame Dyckman. Illustrated by Zachariah OHara. Unicorns Vs.

Goblins by Dana Simpson. The third volume in the Phoebe and Her Unicorn graphic novel series delivers plenty of laughs for kids and parents alike. Readers will follow Phoebe and her narcissistic unicorn best friend, Marigold Heavenly Nostrils, on various adventures. A great, goofy read for children ages 8 and up. This is a beautiful, interesting and touching piece of historical fiction for middle grade readers. The story takes place in England at the beginning of WWII and follows young, spirited and impoverished Ada, who was born with a clubfoot and endures horrible mistreatment from her mother.

Due to the threat of German bombing, Ada and her younger brother, Jamie, are sent away from London to live in the country. They are placed in the care of a lonely and apprehensive woman named Susan. She is not particularly happy about being forced to care for these two, but soon these three outcasts form a special family together. The book is not overly sentimental, but will inevitably tug a few heartstrings.

You won't be able to stop yourself from smiling as you finish the last few pages. My New Mom and Me by Renata Galindo This very sweet, touching, and sparsely worded picture book tells the story of a newly adopted puppy and his new cat mom. Mom and puppy are learning how to be a family together, and the story realistically exhibits both happy times and rough patches.

The book will appeal to a variety of readers, but especially new parents with adopted children who may be dealing with adjusting to their home life. The lack of gender or ethnicity attributed to the child and mother will make this accessible for children of all backgrounds. The Only Child by Guojing. This graphic novel is a quiet and magical read for all ages. She subsequently finds herself lost and this is when the magic begins. Eventually, she is returned safely to her parents thanks to a new, special friend. Bear lives in a little cave in the woods. One day, he finds a crunchy orange treat waiting outside his cave.

He enjoys it so much that he sings a happy song. This begins an endearing exchange of gifts. Will bear ever meet his secret friend? Impressionistic illustrations and changes in background color set the tone for this sweet story. For ages The famous cool cat is back, this time with snippets of wisdom. For ages 3 and up.

Blankets, check. But when a storm chases them inside, how will they salvage their camping trip? For grades K The Underground Abductor by Nathan Hale. This is a tale of the dark side of American history, but it also is the inspiring story of someone who did her best to relieve suffering. It is the story of Harriet Tubman. The graphic novel shows and well as tells the horrors of slavery, the difficulty of escape, and the daring required to return as an abductor, leading others to freedom.

Not for the faint of heart, grades Lucky for him, his class is taking a field trip to the Empire State Building. Unfortunately he ends up on the wrong subway train. Will he be able to meet up with his class? This graphic novel is as much about the art as the plot. Drawings capture the spirit of the bustling subway and incorporate well known landmarks. If you long for a trip to the big city, this graphic novel is for you. The Nonsense Show by Eric Carle. Check out the newest offering from the author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar! Nonsense abounds in this funny picture book, with a rabbit pulling a boy out of a hat, a mouse catching a cat, and much more.

The pictures alone are enough to make kids giggle, and the rhyming text adds to the jokes. Carle uses his classic style of collage with some added crayon elements that give the book a youthful tone. Readers will want to come up with their own nonsense scenarios. Great for sharing with the whole family! Beginning readers are sure to discover something new in this short graphic novel in which two kids and a bluebird interview a worm.

Drawings on grocery bags illustrate each point. For children learning to read. Then Troy finds a beat up, abandoned trombone. His comparatively small size earns him the nickname Trombone Shorty and his playing leads to him becoming a world renowned jazz musician. An inspiring picture book biography that a variety of ages will enjoy. By Jeffrey Ebbeler. Are you afraid of the sounds you hear at night around the house?

After everyone is asleep in the house, a bird lamp on the bedside stand of the young boy comes to life when he is bothered by all the sounds he hears. Using his long legs to get off the stand, the bird lamp begins to investigate. As he rambles around the house using his light to shine on the all of the noise-making objects, he fixes them so that the noise stops. He stops to fix a leaky faucet, moves a creaking rocking chair, sweeps some dust off the floor and closes a window to quiet the house.

However, by the time he gets back to his bed stand, the morning sounds begin to wake the sleeping family and the house is no longer quiet. This imaginative, whimsical picture book is told entirely with illustrations and onomatopoeia sounds. It should ease the fears of any child who may be afraid of some of the same nighttime sounds. This will be a wonderful bedtime story to share with others. While trying to catch an injured Goldie the Cat in the woods near the animal hospital where they volunteer, two best friends, Jess and Lily, discover a magic portal that takes them into the Friendship Forest where all the animals talk and magic is everywhere around.

The girls quickly make friends with a cute baby, bunny named Lucy Longwhiskers but they soon discover that all is not perfect in the Forest. The wicked witch Grizelda is trying to take control of the forest and animals. This is the first book in a new series, Magic Animal Friends.

Short chapters with delightful black and white illustrations make this a perfect book for those readers in grades Thea Stilton, the sister of Geronimo Stilton, and the Thea Sisters are back for a new adventure mystery. While at a figure skating competition in Russia, Thea and the Thea Sisters try to help a new friend who has been falsely accused of theft at the championship. In their investigation, they discover some ancient love letters that could be the key to this skating mystery.

For readers in grades who love funny, clever books with a surprise ending. In the 4th book in the Land of Stories series, the Masked Man is trying to destroy the fairy tale world by recruiting all of the greatest villains in literature to fight for him by using a magical potion that allows him to travel between books. The Fairy Council does not believe he will be a threat to their world so it is up to Alex and Conner Bailey to find a way to stop him.

The story, although a little scarier and darker than the first three books in the series, is action- packed with lots of twists and turns and a major cliffhanger at the end. Readers will be begging for the next installment. Bagels the Brave! Bagels, a Sheltie, Whippet and Jack Russell mixed breed dog that was expelled from obedience school in the first book of the series, Bagels Come Home, is back for a new adventure!

The Bernstein family along with Bagels is off for a fun, relaxing camping trip at Sasquatch Lake. Could the real Sasquatch be alive and living at the lake? Written in a first-person narrative by Josh, readers of beginner chapter books in grades will laugh out loud by the crazy antics of Bagels. When sailor Stout Sam and his deckhand Pip find apig in a barrel washed ashore on the beach, they decide to keep her as a pet.

Naming her Julie, the pair soon realizes that she is a pirate pig who has been trained to sniff out sunken treasures in the sea. The two sailors use her to find enough treasure to meet their needs on Butterfly Island where they live. Word soon gets to Barracuda Bill and his pirates. They want to kidnap Julie and use her for their own evil purposes. How can Sam and Pip keep Julie safe? The charming, colorful, watercolor illustrations add to the story.

This easy, early chapter book will be perfect for readers in grades who love fun and adventure on the high-seas. What Pet Should I Get? This picture book is a new treasure for kids of all ages to enjoy. The brother and sister from One Fish, Two Fish are back. This time, they visit a pet store to choose a pet, but they have a deadline.

How can they choose from all the pets throughout the store? There are cats, dogs, monkeys, turtles, fish, birds, rabbits and even a yent! How will they ever choose by 12 noon?

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  • Byzantium's Shores: chronicling the misadventures of an overalls-clad hippie: Hey, it's Cajun-Man!.

In typical Seuss style, there are lots of silly rhymes and zany, colorful caricatures throughout the book. The end pages include information about Dr. A wonderful addition to your Seuss collection to read again and again! Posted: October 20, What should the kids wear to go outside and play? Picture clues help new readers decipher the words. Illustrations of cats and frogs falling down with the rain add a silly aspect to this English-Spanish bilingual early reader. The back cover features a list of the 36 words used in the text. For grades K-1 and Spanish or English learners. Warren, a young chicken, is bored with the daily routine.

There must be more to life than pecking and peeping! Humor and the mix of simple text with comic style panels make Extraordinary Warren a fun choice for readers in grades who are just graduating to chapter books and graphic novels. People keep spotting him, even after he gets sneaking tips from the Chief. The text features clever, sporadic rhyme, and the pictures hint at the ending. An entertaining read aloud for the preschool and kindergarten set.

His sense of curiosity and willingness to think like a child even as an adult led him to make some of the most important scientific discoveries of the 20th century. The text explains scientific theories in an accessible, age appropriate way. Photographs and quotes throughout the book provide a window into the mind of this eccentric character. For curious students in grades Book Scavenger by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman. The geocaching-style game combines reading, puzzle solving and treasure hunting. By accident, Emily and her new friend and neighbor, James, find a mysterious book in the same area where Griswold was attacked.

James and Emily are off, following clues to find the book and catch the attacker. Black and white illustrations, ciphers to decode and maps all add to the puzzle for Emily, James and the reader. Lily, Daisy, and Violet Divine may be triplets, but they are not identical. They have completely different interests. The one thing that they do have in common is that they all love their new dog, Trouble, who lives up to his name by always getting into trouble. Each chapter is a single adventure in the life of one of the triplets so readers will get to know each of them individually.

The black and white illustrations compliment the varying stories throughout the book. This fun, enjoyable beginner chapter book for readers in grades will become a favorite for those who like to read about families, friends and fun. Valente, illustrated by Ana Juan. Hawthorn, a young troll, is stolen away from Fairyland and forced to live in the strange human world of Chicago as a changeling a human. He struggles to fit in with his foster human family while trying to keep his troll personae under control.

At 12, he manages to get back to Fairyland only to find it very different from the magical world he remembers. In which world does he truly belong? This is the fourth book in the Fairyland fantasy series. The writing is imaginative and descriptive as the magical world of Fairyland and the human world exist together. Fans of Percy Jackson may want to give this series a try. Fix This Mess written and illustrated by Tedd Arnold. Comical illustrations by the creator of Fly Guy will keep emergent readers engaged with this story. Simple sentences and vocabulary make Fix This Mess appropriate for grades K If you plant a tomato seed, do you know what will happen?

At first glance this seems like a book about gardening, but then it goes deeper. What if you plant a seed of selfishness? Or a seed of kindness? Oil painting illustrations do much of the talking, showing a rabbit and mouse gardening team. Toddlers will be able to listen through it.

Older children will understand the message and appreciate the pictures. In , American inventor and diplomat Benjamin Franklintravels to Paris to request help fighting theRevolutionary War. While there, the King himself asks Franklin to investigate the claims of Dr. Franz Mesmer who has persuaded the people in Paris that he has magical powers to cure illnesses. Through the use of the scientific method, he proves to the people of France that Mesmer is a fraud and a phony. Throughout the story, sidebars give additional information on the scientific method and other fascinating tidbits about Franklin.

This is a great book for anyone interested in science, history, or the scientific method. Australian seven-year-old Violet is named after the flower, but she likes fuchsias better and her real passion is for seeing the small things. Violet may not like early mornings but she does enjoy a challenge and an adventure. She loves to come up with great plots and creative ideas even though they get her in trouble with her family at times. In this sixth book of the series, Violet and her friend Rose organize a protest to save the big oak tree in the local park from being cut down to make room for a parking lot.

Can she do it? Fans of Junie B. Jones should not miss this series.

Where is the Grand Canyon? Did you know that over 5 million people visit the Grand Canyon each year? Itpresents fun facts and describes the canyon from the times of prehistoric Native Americans, through its exploration by Europeans, to its establishment as a national park and beyond. Tales from a Not-so-Happily Ever After. How can a bad day get worse?

For Nikki Maxwell, middle school drama queen, it happens when her archenemy Mackenzie hits her with a dodgeball during gym and knocks her out. She awakens in Fairy Tale Land, where everyone she meets seems to be right out of a fairy tale. How did she get there? Is this a crazy dream? It sure would be nice to have some help from her missing BFFs. Will she really have to rely on her baby sister Brianna to be her fairy godmother? This fun and easy series is for tweens in grades Petal is a worrywart.

Poppy is adventurous. They are best friends. Are her concerns well founded? This early reader is written in graphic novel format with bright, inviting illustrations. New readers will enjoy the simple but complete storyline in this friendship tale. Hissy Fitz needs a nap but this British shorthair cat is having trouble finding a quiet place to sleep in the noisy and bothersome Fitz household. Move over Grumpy Cat! Hissy is the new cat in town with an attitude! Heated and irrational, his impulsivity puts him in conflict with other gods, including his father Zeus and his half-sister Athena.

Plane crash victims named. Jones shares wife's last letter. Stag party thrown off flight.

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