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In total, there are 11 different endings, one of which is the only "true" ending, while the rest are endings in which Link dies under different circumstances. As the reader follows along, they will receive various items that may or may not help them along the adventure; moreover, they will also receive or lose points depending on the actions they take. Adding up all the points they receive at the end allows the reader to see their " Triforce Protector Rating. The book also contains various puzzles which the reader must solve in order to help them figure out which path to take or to foreshadow what will happen next.

Although the princess and the King of Hyrule are all quick to trust Charles, Link gets suspicious of his actions from the moment he meets the knight from Moria. Link must choose his actions carefully as he tries to gather enough proof to unmask the false knight in front of the princess and the king. The book begins with Link traveling with the use of his horse Cloud through the Midoro Swamp , thinking to himself that he must find out what Charles of Moria is up to.

Just then, he gets ambushed by a Moblin mob.

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The book then travels back to show the Moblin Boss , who tells his troops that they must capture Link and Princess Zelda to not let Ganon , their leader, down. Meanwhile, Link and Zelda are walking in the woods. Suddenly, the two of them get ambushed by Moblins, and although they defeat quite a few of them, Zelda runs out of arrows for her bow and ultimately gets knocked out by a rock thrown at her.

Link goes after her but trips and tumbles to the ground, and just as he is about to be killed by a Moblin, a tall, dark man known as Charles saves him by commanding the Moblin to leave. He helps Link up and then notices the unconscious Zelda, who wakes up immediately after Charles kneels at her side. Although Link is eager to part ways with the "irritating stranger," Charles introduces himself and goes on to say that he is traveling around and doing good deeds as part of Morian custom, and once he has done enough, he will become Moria's king.

Just as Zelda invites Charles to go to North Castle and meet her father, she begins to feel dizzy and sits down. Charles volunteers to take her to the castle, but Link hesitates and waits before taking a decision of whether letting him take her back to the castle or if he should get help first. Link begins to fall behind Zelda and Charles, and starts to think of all the strange events that have happened ever since Charles arrived: how the Moblins, who outnumbered Charles twenty to one, ran away just because he commanded them to, and the fact that Darknuts had never appeared outside of a cave or a castle.

When the group arrives to the castle, Charles meets the King of Hyrule , who notices Charles's Necklace and asks if he may see it. Charles tells him he rather didn't, since it is part of Morian lore that he cannot take it off until he becomes king. Before the knight can continue, Dowser , the court hound, runs in and licks both Link's and Zelda's face, but growls at Charles and then lunges for Charles's throat.

Zelda pulls the dog back and Link begins to wonder why Dowser, who is always nice to new people, does not like Charles. During dinner, Charles brags with tales of his travels, saying he defeated twenty Octoroks with a swing of his axe, to which Link remarks that Octoroks are easy and is not impressed. When the meal is over, Link suggests to the King to have an indoor archery match in order to "teach [Charles] a thing or two.

Link nervously awaits his turn, and just as Charles is about to go up to the line, he asks that Zelda hold his scarf for good luck, part of a Morian custom. Zelda agrees, and Charles makes a bullseye. Now even more nervous since his reputation as Hyrule's mightiest warrior is at stake, Link begins to choose an arrow when Impa walks towards him and tells him to use the Green Arrow that she puts in his hand, saying it is enchanted with magic.

The king congratulates Charles and asks Zelda if it would be too premature to show the knight of Moria the Triforce of Wisdom. Zelda hesitates, stating that they cannot afford to lose the Triforce of Wisdom to Ganon. The shocked king asks Zelda if she believes that Charles is linked to Ganon and goes on to tell Charles that he wishes to show him the Triforce. Link, who was listening nearby, turns to Impa in outrage.

Impa tells him to calm down and hands him a piece of paper into his hand that will guide him on what he should do. The piece of paper, however, is written in ancient Hyrulean Number-Letter Code. When Link deciphers it, it contains the word "Forestall. Zelda explains that the Triforce of Power is in Ganon's hands while the Triforce of Courage is buried deep in Link's heart. The king goes on to say that if the Triforce of Wisdom were to fall in the wrong hands, it could bring ruin upon Hyrule.

Charles takes a Morian oath and promises to protect the Triforce, and the king then dubs him a knight of Triforce. Link now has two choices: keep quiet or say something to the king. Link continues to watch Charles who begins to call forward to the "creatures of the night," crying out in a strange and hideous tongue. This causes for a pack of Bots to appear, and although Link is eager to climb down and fight Charles, he realizes that if he does, he will never find out what Charles is up to.

Link eventually reaches the town of Saria, but no one answers to open the gate. Here, he reaches into his pocket, having either the key given to him by the old man or the magic potion given to him by the Moblin in the Midoro Swamp. Link, finally back in his room, goes to bed to sleep.

The next day, Impa wakes him up and tells him that the king has called a Royal Council, mentioning it has to do with Ganon. Before Link heads off, she warns him that if the king needs a champion, he might pick Charles over Link. The King of Hyrule says there have been strange reports from the citizens of Hyrule stating that an entire gang of Darknuts were spotted in the Jungle of Favors , and that a recent thunderstorm caused for Goriyas to fall from the sky.

Fearing for the safety of the Triforce of Wisdom, the king says that they must move the sacred triangle to the Fifth Castle of Ancient Hyrule , which is southeast of North Castle past deserts, rivers and swamps. When Zelda asks who will deliver the Triforce of Wisdom there, the king mentions he has two heroes in mind: Link and Charles. Anxiously, Link awaits the king's decision, and it is soon revealed that Charles will be the one to take the Triforce to the Fifth Castle.

Link furiously reminds the king of all the brave deeds he has done and claims that Charles can't be trusted because he is evil. The king raises his hand and silences Link, saying he better have proof to back up the serious charge he has raised against Charles.

Link rushes through the door, but just then Impa yells out to him and tells him to follow her. They reach her chambers and Impa informs Link that she used her rune dice and found out a message that tells her about Charles's true identity. Link says that he has already found out that Charles is Ganon, but thanks her anyway and goes off to chase after Ganon. He mounts Cloud and follows Charles's tracks to Midoro Swamp. Eventually he bumps into Charles who has a troop of Moblins behind him, all surrounding Link. Wondering what everyone will say when he gets back to the palace, he realizes the castle is completely dark.

He checks every room but sees that no one answers. Eventually he walks into the banquet hall, where a crowd surprises him and applaud him for saving Hyrule. The king thanks him for defeating Ganon and for bringing back the Triforce of Wisdom safely. Link thanks Impa for her help and Zelda, embarrassed, approaches the young hero and confesses what an "idiot" she was, to which Link replies by saying that maybe she'll now "appreciate the talent here at home. The book ends with the king throwing an arm around Link's shoulder and saying that it's time to celebrate.

The Legend of Zelda Printed Media. Sign In. From Zelda Wiki, the Zelda encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation , search. The Shadow Prince The cover of the book. Non-Canon Information. If Link runs back to the castle for help. Link decides to go get help since Zelda shouldn't move until a doctor checks her; moreover, he does not like the idea of bringing a complete stranger to the palace, for he could be one of Ganon 's spies. He returns to North Castle and brings a doctor back. They then see that Zelda has now stood up and excitedly says to Link that Charles defeated a Darknut and caused the two other Darknuts to run away in fear, leaving only "Rubies" behind.

Link, trying not to feel envious, asks the Doctor to check if Zelda is alright; however, he mentions that she is alright. Zelda then suggests they should get back home, since Charles agreed to go to the palace for a visit and she is anxious to introduce him to her father. Link, upset, picks up the rubies and then follows them back to North Castle. If Link lets Charles take Zelda back to the castle. Zelda pulls Link aside and asks him why he's acting strange, reminding him that Charles has proved he's their friend. Link eventually holds out his hand to Charles and tells him that he appreciates his help.

The knight from Moria places Zelda in the saddle and the two gallop to North Castle while Link runs along beside them, trying to not let Charles see that he's running out of breath. Out of nowhere, however, a Darknut charges at Charles, and he confidently faces the enemy, having two weapons to choose from: his sword or battle-axe. If Charles uses his axe. Charles uses his axe to deflect the Darknut's attacks.

Zelda tells Link to help Charles, but for some reason he is unable to draw his sword since it seems to be stuck to the sheath. Zelda decides to help Charles herself, and the two together defeat the Darknut, with Zelda sarcastically thanking Link for his help. Before they leave towards the castle, Link picks up the Red Darknut Arrow , saying it has powerful magic. If Charles uses his sword. Charles pulls out a silver sword and tells Zelda to relax, saying his great-grandfather used that sword in the Grindle-Morian Civil War. All the while, Link is unable to pull his sword from the sheath since it seems to have gotten stuck.

Charles fights the Darknut as Link still tries to unsheath his sword, but just then, Charles accidentally slashes the roots of a Quaker Tree , causing an earthquake. Just then, the group drops twenty feet into an Underground Tunnel that Link knows is full of Stalfos. He then notices a piece of paper sticking out of a rock and tells Zelda and Charles he's found a map , hoping that it's not fake. If the map is real. Link hopes the map is real and tells the pair to follow him after examining the routes just as the Stalfos begin to approach them.

Eventually, they exit the tunnel, but Zelda realizes that she lost the Rubies she took before leaving the castle. He begins to say something to Charles when the young hero realizes that the knight and the princess are already trotting away. Link keeps the compass in his pocket and decides he will give it to him later. If the map is fake. Six Stalfos are quickly approaching when Link decides that the map is fake due to it being in an easy hiding place.

He tells Zelda and Charles to follow him, and although Zelda tries to stop him, they have no choice but to run after him. With the Stalfos pursuing them, Link tries to get the group out of the tunnel, but trips on a Stalfos since the tunnel is so dark. The page ends with a Game Over as Zelda cries to Link saying that he picked the wrong path, claiming that they'll die at the hands of the Stalfos. If Link chooses the Red Darknut Arrow. Link chooses the Darknut arrow, reminding himself that it has powerful magic, although he admits that its hidden powers are unclear and only hopes it will help him.

Link fires the arrow; however, halfway through its course, it emanates red smoke and flies towards the ceiling, twirling in circles. The arrow then heads towards Link, who manages to dodge it at first, but then trips on a chair. The page ends with a Game Over as Link rolls over just as the arrow is headed straight towards him. If Link chooses Impa's green arrow. Link, trusting Impa, chooses her green arrow and confidently steps up to the line, telling Charles to observe how a master marskman does it. He shoots his arrow but falls way off from the bullseye, and the king declares Charles the winner.

Link looks back at Impa and asks what happened, to which Impa just shakes her head and tells him that the arrow that she gave him was indeed magical, and that maybe some powerful force must have thrown it off, making Link suspicious of Charles even more. If Link chooses his usual blue arrow.

Link chooses the blue arrow since he knows he must defeat Charles fairly. Shaking endlessly, he fires the arrow, which lands just left of the bullseye. Charles is declared the winner, with Link in second place. Impa tells Link that he should have used her arrow, and whispers to him that Charles is in possession of strong magic. Agreeing, Link nods his head, but is unsure if his magic is good or evil.

If Link acts forthwith. Link, ignoring the advice, charges up to Zelda and the king and argues that Charles cannot be trusted. Angrily, the king silences Link, and although the young hero begins to bring up his argument again, the king states that Link should realize that there are other heroes in the world who are just as good as him. Zelda then asks that Link apologize to Charles before they show him the Triforce of Wisdom, and the young hero reluctantly does so. If Link forestalls. Link hopes he won't be sorry for keeping quiet.

Impa then gives him a clock , saying he might need it, although she doesn't explain its use. She tells him to hurry to the Triforce Room and advises him to keep an eye out for any clues that might tell them what Charles is up to. If Link says something to the king.

Link interrupts the king and asks him if he has lost his mind, saying they've only known Charles for one day. The king, however, does not care what Link thinks, and once again silences him while wondering what has gotten into Link. Charles comments that he might be restless and needs "to work off steam. If Link keeps quiet.

Link hurries back to Impa and tells her that the king has trusted Charles with the Triforce. Impa then tells the young hero that he must hold Charles up to the Mirror of Truth , which will allow them to see Charles's true self. However, Impa says no one truly knows where the mirror is, and informs him that it was last seen in Water Town of Saria. Link is hesitant to leave Charles alone in North Castle, but Impa reminds him that they don't know if Charles is truly evil, and gives him a Golden Whistle that might help on the way.

Link can now either decide to go to Saria Town, or stay in North Castle. If Link stays at North Castle. Link decides to say in the castle to keep an eye out for Charles and the Triforce. Later that night, the young hero hears Zelda's and Charles's footsteps and witnesses the two of them having a conversation that involves Charles explaining more Morian customs to the princess. Link then follows Charles downstairs and into the woods, but just then the Morian knight turns around.

The young hero must now choose to hide behind a boulder or a tree. If Link hides behind the boulder. Her dear old deadbeat dad whom she hasn't seen in years pops by. Not only does he pop by, but he says he now has custody of her! Oh yes. Some judge has given him custody of his daughter he hasn't given a shit about for the majority of her life. What does Daphne do?

Does she: A Tell dad to fuck off. B Leave with her mom and get a good lawyer. The answer is Why does she go? Well, dear old dad is a rock star and he has bought a rock star like house in a extremely wealthy area. This area is complete with a super wealthy private school that, guess what? Has a super wealthy music program! And he managed to get her in! The name of this utopia is Olympus Hills. Cue in Captain Obvious. Off our super special singer goes and, in the meantime, Haden also magically appears in Olympus Hills because the gate to the Underrealm coincidentally exists there.

Now it's Haden's job to convince Daphne to go with him to the Underrealm. Not to go into long boring details because then you may as well read the damn book , the whole relationship is just meh. The romance is non-existent. We have the typical electricity cracklings when they touch and such. Haden gets more and more like a puppy dog which was disappointing. Daphne is just like an emotionless vessel, and really boring. Maybe I've gotten spoiled lately with all the kick ass heroines I've been reading, but she's a snooze fest. There's one action scene in the whole book pretty much.

The rest is hearing about Daphne's musical talent and Haden swooning over her voice. If you know a bit about the mythology, it's easy to figure out the connections. The one thing that makes no sense at all is why Daphne's mom? We meet her for all of two minutes and are given no reasons why she bore this incredibly important child. It's spoon feeding and we should just swallow it. Not this chick. The book was also filled with incredibly obvious plot twists.

I saw every single one of them coming. From Daphne's dad having made a deal with the devil so to speak, to the missing Boon aka sister of Daphne's friend. What started out as such a potentially awesome book, became YA predictability. I refuse to use the excuse that it's just YA and I should take it as such. I've read many YA books that are balls to the wall fucktabulous. View all 7 comments. I really enjoyed this one.

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It was super long but I was never bored for some reason. There was always something happening to keep the plot moving. Not a whole lot of romance which is refreshing! And I love how I'm thrust right into the world, and I couldn't leave. I just wanted to know more. Even though there are multiple point of views, I wasn't confused, and it made the experience that much more brighter. I really liked the characters! Like how independent and sassy Daphne is.

She's definitely one of my fave characters to read about because she's assertive and always ready to dive right in and fight. The way Haden is super determined to get Daphne to fall for him was the obvious plot point, but as we know with stories, they tend to fall in love along the way. And I liked the slow descent. The romance was neither boring or cheesy. It was just right. What really caught my eye about this one was the fact that it was a retelling of Persephone and Hades.

It did have a similar element to the Greek story, but that's where it ends. Set in modern day times and a story-line that keeps you guessing, The Shadow Prince is one of those books I couldn't put down! I very much enjoy many of the former. It is my own personal preference.

The Shadow Prince by Bree Despain is one such book. The basic premise: Daphne Raines feels smothered by her mother. Why not? Because BAD things are out there in the world and they will get you think Mother Gothel from Tangled only with good intentions. Ceaselessly mocked and ridiculed by his peers including his twin brother, the favored son , Haden has a burning desire to prove his worthiness. So when the Oracle handpicks him to be Champion, the only Champion who can complete some undisclosed task, Haden latches on to the opportunity to redeem himself.

But when the time comes for Haden to travel to the Overworld, all he knows about his mission is that if he has any hope of overcoming his disgrace for actions unknown , he must find and convince Daphne Raines to go through the Persephone Gate and return with him to the Underworld in six months time.

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The world-building: Despain has taken the modern world and overlaid it with Greek mythological nuances. Except that nuance implies subtlety, and subtlety is what this book sorely lacks. The private school that both Daphne and Haden are to attend is Olympus Hills High and it is located in the affluent Olympus Hills gated community. The tiny town that Daphne grew up in is Ellis Fields. If Daphne had a horse, it would probably be named Pegasus.

We get it. Daphne is a strong-ish heroine who refuses to stand idly by when someone tries to dictate her life choices. Haden is a wonderfully broken specimen of a teenage boy. Simon is creepily evil. BUT this is no boundary-crossing YA novel. They will love it, and you will be saved the aggravation. Aug 03, AH rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , young-adult , first-in-series , arc-edelweiss , blue , fantasy , paranormal , greek-mythology , zzread-mar Read all about it here.

I've always been fascinated by Greek mythology.

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The Shadow Prince incorporates elements of Greek mythology into the narrative, creating an intriguing story set in present day Arizona and California. Daphne has been hidden in plain sight in the small town of Ellis Fields in Arizona. She is not allowed to learn how to drive, nor has she been allowed to leave town - we'll soon find out why. One day, her estranged rock star father arrives with a custody order. Daphne is whisked away to Olympus Hills, an exclusive gated community where she is to attend Olympus Hills High School.

Daphne's father Joe is really not much of a father figure. He really is a stereotypical rock star and spend a lot of his time recovering from the previous night. Daphne sees the move to Olympus Hills as a way to jump start her own singing career. I thought that Daphne's musical talent was interesting: not only was she able to sing, she was able to hear music in inanimate objects.

Daphne is left alone for a lot of the time, so she takes the opportunity to explore her new home. Meanwhile, Haden and his entourage arrive in Olympus Hills. Haden has been chosen by the Oracle to entice Daphne to return the the Underrealm of her own free will. Our world is very different from what Haden is unaccustomed to how things work. Joe's manager Simon takes in Haden, Dax, and Gavin and arranges for them to attend Daphne's high school. The story is told from both Daphne and Haden's points of view.

I loved Daphne's character, especially how she perceived the world - through music or the lack of music. One of my favorite characters was Brim, the stowaway Hellcat who appeared to be a tiny innocent kitten unless provoked. Then - watch out! The Shadow Prince was a solid start to an exciting new series. If you enjoy a clever use of Greek mythology, then this book should appeal to you. Fans of the Percy Jackson series should enjoy this series as well. Can't wait to read the next book in this series.

Shadow Prince

Mar 03, Colleen Houck added it Shelves: magic , mythology , paranormal. I love Hayden. He's the kind of guy I want to read more about. I loved learning interesting things in this book like about music disorders and how to deal with drunk, rock star fathers. Loved the twist on the Persephone story. Really fun stuff! Favorite thing? The hellcat. Jul 09, Jessica The Psychotic Nerd rated it really liked it Shelves: not-quitestars , read-in , pov-multiple , cover-vs-cover , signed-copy , read-multiple-book-series-by-author , series-i-need-to-finish , released-in , mythology , school-year I have never read another idea quite like this one!

Haden Lord lives in the Underrealm and has been disgraced by all of his people, even his own father, the king. So it is a surprise for everyone when Haden is chosen as the Champion, whose job is to go to the mortal world and bring back a boon a girl. As there are no girls born in the Underrealm. But this time is different as Haden has to bring back a specific girl: Daphne Raines. Bringing this girl back could mean the future of the Underrealm, and bring back Haden's honor.

Daphne Raines has lived in a small town all her life and has never been allowed to leave it thanks to her mother. Then, her famous father that she never knew shows up, proclaiming that Daphne has to live with him. She moves to a whole other town and into an arts school. But things get odd when mysterious murders occur and she suspects that another new student has something to do with it.

My favorite thing about this book is the awesome world-building and ideas. I also mentioned a few of them in my little mini-summary, but there is so much more involved in this book. Overall, all the the ideas are completely unique and the way they were used in this book was very well done! This book was told in alternating point of view from both Haden and Daphne. He did something as a child that everyone basically judges him for, so he does everything he can to restore his honor, to no avail.

He sees being the Champion as his opportunity. I felt a bit sorry for him and hated how much those of the Underrealm treated him. Especially since he shouldn't have to regret what he did I will not say what he did exactly, as that would be a spoiler. It was very interesting to see him in the mortal world, as he had no idea how to be mortal and what many objects were. As he didn't know how to act, he did act like a jerk at times, though mostly because he isn't really used to the way humans act.

Daphne is a pretty average YA main character. There's not much I can really say about her. She has the usual YA story. It really bothered me that she was just so perfect and I couldn't quite understand why she left with her dad that she didn't know I know her dad has legal paperwork, but I kind of wish she would have fought more. Overall, she is an okay character. The romance wasn't bad. I, again, can't say much on it. Not because of spoiler, but because of how I just don't have very many feeling towards it. Did I want them to be together? Sure, but this isn't a new romance.

I've read many books with very similar romances, so it didn't wow me. The main girl character and the romance are the usual for YA, but they still worked with the book. As for the sequel, I am definitely planning on reading it! Jul 25, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: read , r2r-complete , series-read-along-challenge.

Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Haden is a disgraced prince of the underworld, sent by his father the king to earth to find a boon — a girl called Daphne Raines. Daphne lives in a small town that her mother never lets her leave, until her rock-star father bursts in, and takes her to live in a swanky community, and enrols her at a school with a music programme — exactly what Daphne has always wanted.

Haden knows Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Can Haden complete his task? Can he have his honour restored? And should Daphne have really left the small town where she grew up? This was an interesting story, but there were a couple of niggles that annoyed me a bit. Haden was an okay character. I felt sorry for the way his father treated him, but I also thought that his actions were sometimes inadvisable, and his desire to please people was sometimes a little too great.

At times he really needed to think about things, and decide what he thought was the right thing to do, rather than what would get him the most honour.

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  5. She just sort of shrugged and said okay! I also thought that the mythology side of things was integrated well so that it fitted in with the rest of the story without feeling totally foreign. The ending was okay, but although we had a showdown, a lot of stuff was left unresolved at the end, and we were even left with some extra little bits of information to keep us interested in reading the next book in the series. Original Review found at: www. I loved the creativity behind the world-building!

    The world building is the first thing you notice in this story. The Underworld had it's own hierarchy system with it's own backstory. I really liked how the author integrated the Greek my Original Review found at: www. I really liked how the author integrated the Greek mythology into the narrative and we got to see all the workings of the Underworlder court and how it came to be that way and it was all original and brings in Orpheus who plays a rather large role in the story as a whole. Taking the Hades and Persephones' myth and twisting it into the author's own creation, somehow making this retelling so much more fascinating.

    It was all a bit of breath of fresh air. I just love mythology stories and retellings. We've got the protagonist, Daphne a mortal, and Haden her male counterpart an Underlord. We get to hear from both in alternating chapters through their eyes. And the author did a good job with keeping the characters both strong and independent voices. As the main plotline focuses on Haden's quest which is getting Daphne to consent to accompanying him to the Underworld.

    Haden didn't have an easy life. His whole journey is by believing that Fate controls everything, and he really has no options. I had a hard time liking him at times because I thought he was self-centered and ignorant at just plain annoying. I kept thinking, "man you are whining and act spoiled! He was never trained for a quest like this because his father and everyone else thought he'd never be chosen so he doesn't realize he has to make this girl fall in love with him till later and it was kind of annoying to me.

    Daphne is set on controlling everything she's stubborn and has some spitfire which is always fun. She has big plans that don't involve staying in her little home town in Utah. One random day her father whom left her mother just days after their wedding and became a huge rock star comes back into her life with court papers telling her he now has rights to her and she needs to come back to California with him.

    Grudgingly she agrees with the main focus that he can help her with her dream of singing and making it on her own. It doesn't take long for Haden and Daphne to meet and along the way they learn that your destiny or fate is shaped by the different choices you make along the way. And this journey is one worth taking with them. Mar 11, Liviania rated it really liked it. This series puts a modern spin on Greek mythology. If that doesn't give it away, yes this book does deal quite a bit with the Underworld. In fact, protagonist and co-narrator Haden Lord is a prince of the Underworld.

    A disgraced prince, but that doesn't stop the Oracle from picking him as a Champion. His quest: to go to Earth and convince Daphne Raines to join him in the Underworld in six months, when the gate opens again. Haden starts the book incredibly arrogant and rather unthinking of others. Luckily for him, both of his companions are excellent at pointing out his selfishness.

    They're a bit less awesome about making him do anything about it. He also manages to drive Daphne away the first time they meet, by trying to get what he wants immediately and not bothering to think things through, which is basically his flaws in a nutshell. Daphne has lived with her mom her whole life, but moves in with her dad when he gets her into one of the finest music programs in the country. She's talented and plans to use her voice to go places. And no, places is not code for the Underworld.

    She's understandably put off by Haden, and avoids him like a sensible person until she gets an explanation that recontextualizes his actions into something nonthreatening. But Haden and Daphne might have bigger problems than the Underworld, starting with the fact that something is killing people and no one else seems to care. I thought Into the Dark was a great start to the series. There's some interesting worldbuilding, and Haden's people are neither entirely right nor entirely wrong.

    There's a fairly large cast, but all of the characters are appealing and at least somewhat defined. The romance is not instant, but developed through interaction. There's another important guy in Daphne's life, but he's just a friend. Love triangle: avoided. If there's one misstep, it's that Despain begins to set up the plot of the second book a bit too far in advance. I must admit, I did not see it slotting into place when it did, which did provide some redemption.

    Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition (Sebille and The Shadow Prince)

    I know Persephone and Hades are super trendy right now. Despain's fans won't be disappointed. Sep 25, Mihlean rated it liked it. Rating: 3. I really liked the twist of the world of Greek mythology - the gods know how much I love mythology - but the characters quite annoyed me at times. Not the 'I want to jump into this world and beat them up' but like I said in the first sentence of this review the 'I want to bash my head into a wall' kind of annoying.

    Daphne is that girl. That girl everyone envies. She's gorgeo Rating: 3. She's gorgeous, nice and talented. Alright, I can handle that. She's starting a new school with a music program, moving in with her rock-stargod of a father. Then, meet Haden. I actually liked his pov's in the beginning, but then he came to earth and met Daphne - her being his Boon and all.

    Reading on, you know that feeling? That you have those moments in books, where you feel like it could be a 4. That's what I had with this book. It's just, I think this book could've been so much more. But I still liked it and hey, who the hell am I to say such thing, right? Jul 09, Sara Larson added it. Wow, what a ride! I tore through this book. So glad I got the chance to read the arc--except now I have to wait even longer for the next one!!

    Feb 07, Dark Faerie Tales rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed-by-bridget. This is a unique retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth and it was written beautifully! The Review: Haden Lord has spent most of his life as the disgraced child of the king of the Underrealm. When his mother died he did something unforgiveable and his father disowned him.

    Every year there is a champion chosen to enter the mortal realm and bring back a boon to help populate the Underrealm, but this year the stakes are even higher. An Oracle is brought to choose the champion and Haden is chosen. He has to venture to the surface where he has six months to bring back Daphne Raines, the girl that will change everything. She has to choose to come of her own free will and somehow Haden has to convince this strong willed girl to give up everything and follow him home. Daphne has always had big dreams to leave the tiny town of Ellis, Utah and pursue a career in music.

    But she has a very overprotective and stubborn mother that never lets her go anywhere. As luck would have it, her long time absent father appears on her doorstep with a court order saying that she is to go and live with him. Daphne has never believed in fate, but when strange things start to happen and Haden Lord enters her life she starts to wonder if there is such a thing as destiny. Haden is a beautiful boy who is very broken. He has been shunned for most of his life and it has made him bitter.

    In the Underrealm it is considered a weakness to show emotions and music has been outlawed. Torn between living the life he always thought he wanted and becoming the man he has always feared he would become. I thought that Haden was a very intriguing character and he was easy to swoon over. With his dark eyes and stunning body he is a looker, but his awkward moments and brooding personality totally won me over.

    Daphne has so many great qualities. Growing up in a small community taught her to appreciate people and to not take things for granted. But she has always felt that she was different than everyone else. She has an amazing connection with music and a spectacular voice.

    Daphne is sweet, beautiful, and confident, but she also has a feisty personality as well. I thought that she was very easy to connect with and I loved being inside her head. The Shadow Prince was full of wonderful characters, interesting mythology, and action-packed adventure. When I read the synopsis of this book, I was instantly intrigued because I love the Persephone and Hades myth. But there have been a lot of retellings of it recently, so I was interested to see if Despain could bring her own unique spin to the tale and I am happy to announce that she did. The world she created was captivating and I loved how she intertwined music into everything.

    Music has a wonderful way of bringing out emotions in people and Despain really used that to her advantage in this beautifully woven tale of love and destiny. My one complaint is that this was a fairly long book and at times it did drag a little for me. But with the mystery and tension that filled the pages, I found that even though there were times I got a little board, it would pick back up quickly and I would be fully engrossed in the story once again. I think this was a great start to what is hopefully going to be a wonderful series. I would highly recommend this to anyone that enjoys a good YA paranormal read with lots of fascinating mythology weaved into it.

    Notable Scene: There I see a young female, sitting against a strangely shaped tree. She cradles a large object on her knees, and strums the strings that stretch from its wide base up a long wooden neck. The object reminds of the pictographs I often pass in the murals that cover the walls of the palace. It vaguely resembles a lyre—the great weapon the Traitor had used to deceive Hades all those centuries ago.

    But the object the girl holds does not seem like a weapon. Her picking and strumming the strings are what create the reverberating sound. I remove my sunglasses to be able to see her better in the shady grove, and I watch, curious, as she opens her mouth and starts to speak. No, not quite speaking. Her voice sounds different from that. Her words are drawn out, ebbing and flowing at times and flitting at others, blending with the sounds that come from her strumming. It grows in intensity, swirling around the grove and washing over me.

    It pulls at me, evoking something I have not felt since I was in the presence of the Oracle: the feeling of wonder. When the girl stops speaking and the sound dies away, a gasp slips out of my lips. She stands, her abruptness making it clear that I have given myself away. May 09, Christa marked it as dnf Shelves: mythology , contemporary , library-book , ya , meh , aimed-for-a-younger-audience , paranormal-romance. I checked this one out from Overdrive and was about half way through when it returned itself.

    I debated on checking it out again but I wasn't that into the story. Maybe some other time. Mar 07, Mitchii rated it really liked it Shelves: reads , fantasy , romance , young-adult , arc-or-galley-review-copies , mythology. For some reason, the story reminded me of these post-Twilight books. It was…nostalgic and strangely refreshing. I mean that in very positive way. They are remarkably entertaining for me. So it was unquestionable that I automatically added The Shadow Prince it was Into For some reason, the story reminded me of these post-Twilight books. Daphne on the other hand, moved to a new place when her father was granted him custody.

    She is now enrolled in this prestigious school, Olympus Hills High. There he met Haden, who is one time mysteriously materialized out of nowhere when she was singing alone.


    She thought there something off with me. And once during their class, a heated debate happened between them. Haden reminded me little bit of Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender ; with his mission of reclaiming his honor as well as his mommy issues. His back-story was definitely interesting, too. And I really liked that twist that was injected in the story. Like I said earlier, the momentum sort of resembled those books early post-Twilight years, where the girl meet the mysterious boy.

    Then girl noticed something different with the guy. Some online researching. Online research will tell her hints that he is indeed otherworldly. Guy will come out clean, tell the girl what he really is and the girl will believe him. The prophecy is bigger than what the two of them represents and I really liked that. The romance was restrained. It was still in the developing stages when it ended. Daphne was at first very distanced to Haden, which I think was an honest to goodness reaction given how creepy he was at the start.

    The romance for me moved along with the plot without occupying too much space, dominating the story. So no, at the end of the first book they were not declaring forever. It was truly entertaining. Dec 28, Wart Hill marked it as maybe Shelves: mythology , this-looks-beautifully-terrible , hoping-for-cracktasticness , wtf. I might have to read it. That was one of the most boring waste-of-potential I've ever read. It wasn't pretty. Short review to come. Jul 10, Emma rated it really liked it. I can't believe I have to wait til next year to find out what happens. For fans of Percy Jackson, here is another good one!

    Jan 12, Deborah rated it really liked it. Really enjoyed this book. Good start to a series. The story sucked me in right away and I actually think my 14 year old would like this series. Dec 09, Sana Zameer rated it did not like it Shelves: romance , urban-fantasy , young-adult , mythology , retellings , series-discarded. Shelves: favorites , own , worthy-enough-to-buy. I don't know wether to give this book five stars or 4. Haden is a disgraced Underlord in the Underrealm who is selected to bring back Daphne Raines in a attempt to restore his relationship with his father and his place in court.

    Daphne is stuck in a small town and wants to break free and become a singer just like her estranged father. One day her father shows up with a way to get out of town and the attempt are her biggest dream. As Haden and Daphne get to know each other problems arise. Will Had I don't know wether to give this book five stars or 4. Will Haden's love for Daphne harm his mission? Will Daphne go to the Underworld with Haden? Will Haden's honor be restored? The Summary This book is told in alternating point of views which I really like.

    I love being able to see what both the characters are thinking because it gives deeper insight to who they are as a person and you can see how they grow and change over time. The world that Ms. Despain creates is honestly my favorite part of this book. It is so in-depth and creative. She took an old idea but made it new. If you think you are reading a book that's going to be about a simple retelling of Hades and Persephone you're wrong. It goes so much deeper than that. The world that she creates seems so real. There are no lose ends.

    She ties up the story so well and she offers a bit of intrigue and mystery through out the book and leaves just enough unanswered question at the end to make you crave for the next book seriously though I'm dying from that ending; I hate suspense. Honestly, it needed to be that long because so much happens in this book and it happens so fast you won't be able to put it down.

    This books promises a deep romance but honestly, it is not the main focus of this book which I liked. There is romance but it is slow which I feel is appropriate. You can definitely see that they have formed a bond that is truly beautiful. I don't want to give away any spoilers but if you really like music I think you will love this book and truly understand their connection.

    Another small thing about this book that I liked was that it wasn't just a dry serious fantasy-ish mythological story about two kids falling in love. It was mysterious and most of all it was funny. There were parts of this book that made me laugh out loud. The way Haden describes somethings is truly funny and I loved Lexie as a charter. She added a little spark to this book. The Characters Haden is my favorite character. I can't help it. When the book starts you kind of feel sorry for him.

    Nobody likes him and he has a douchey brother who he is constantly compared to. He was taught to be cold and heartless.

    The Shadow Prince (Into the Dark, #1) by Bree Despain

    He really grows through out this book. There are times when he seems down right cold and his desire to please anyone, especially his father, can be overbearing. However, by the end of the book you see a new side to him and his character. I personally feel that if this book was told from one point of view the reader wouldn't be able to see that and he would come off as a another jerk but alas he is not.

    Daphne was alright. I didn't hate her but there were times when I really liked her choices and then there were times when she just confused me or gave me whiplash. At one moment everything thing would be ok and then the next sentence she'd completely change her mind about something she was totally for two words ago of course some of it might have been justified but it could have been done differently.

    She did come off as a bit naive but at least when things got serious she totally toughened up. My least favorite thing about her was the way she treated her father. Of course he was never really there for her when she was young but jeez woman give the guy a chance. And then there was Tobin. I couldn't stand him. He gave me severe eye rolls. I'm trying not to put any spoilers in this review but jeez view spoiler [ how on Gods green earth did he come up with that conclusion. Like I can't believe she though Haden was weird when he was being all mission impossible, , and being crazy obsessed about something that happened forever ago.

    There is some thing for everyone. I believe 4. Thanks guys! Oct 10, Nara rated it liked it Shelves: for-review , magic , paranormal , owned-ebook , edelweiss , fantasy , reviewed. As far as I'm concerned, no guy is worth waiting anywhere for, not following, for that matter- prince or not. Okay, I've been sitting here for 20 minutes unsure of how exactly to start this review.

    So screw the intro paragraph and let's get straight into it. A very interesting twist on Greek mythology; it was intriguing to see a book where Hades is a relatively good guy rather than completely evil. And the way the author created her own flavour of the Persephone myth was great! Also rather aweso As far as I'm concerned, no guy is worth waiting anywhere for, not following, for that matter- prince or not. Also rather awesome was the ability that Daphne had.

    She's able to hear the distinctive sound that every living creature emits, and in people, is able to interpret their mood from the tone of the notes. How creative of Despain! The dual POV was actually done rather well. The only thing I disliked about it was that there was some backtracking so you'd see the same scene twice- once from Daphne's point of view and one from Haden's. That's probably more of a personal thing though, because I do hear that some people quite like that style of writing. The two voices were very distinct, with Haden having a slightly formal tone compared to Daphne's modern one.

    It was clear at all times who was narrating, which is obviously the way that a dual perspective should be. Okay, so I realise that Haden is from the Underrealm and therefore doesn't understand normal human behaviour, but seriously, early in the book, every time he interacted with Daphne I was like GAHHH! The romance was a bit weak- I mean, it wasn't terribly done, but it definitely wasn't anything fresh either. The ole feeling sparks and heat when the love interest is nearby cliche is used when Daphne and Haden first meet, and I do feel like they hadn't really spent too much time together before declaring in their respective minds, not actually out loud to each other their love.

    Or at least their "falling" for each other. Then again, the romance wasn't really the focus of the book at all, so I thought it was fine that it was a bit shaky.