Spitting Tubes and the Point of Fire

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The video below, captured by vehicle owner Brian D. Shipley, shows spit-back in a Dodge Durango. These Jeeps suffer from a defective Inlet Check Valve, incorporated into the fuel tank at the top where the fuel enters from the fuel filler tube neck during the refueling process. The ICV is designed to close when the fuel level in the tank reaches a near full level to prevent the air pressure created in the top of the fuel tank during refueling from pushing the fuel that is still in the filler neck back out of the filler tube.

The automaker said that gas with ethanol levels higher than 10 percent can cause the components within the valve to swell which would prevent it from properly closing.

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Chrysler also claimed it performed a dimensional analysis of the ICVs and could find no design problem. And yet, Chrysler has battled this same fuel spit-back problem three times before. In December , Chrysler recalled some Jeep Grand Cherokees, to remedy fuel inlet check valves that may partially stick in the open position, allowing the fuel to spill out of the fuel tube due to pressure differences between the tank and the atmosphere. Chrysler had determined that certain valve components, combined with fuel swell, could create an interference fit, allowing the valve to remain partially open.

Similarly, in February , Chrysler recalled Dodge Durangos manufactured from March to November for the fuel tank filler tube inlet check valve. Again, the recall noted that the valve may not fully close at the end of refueling which could allow some fuel to escape from the vehicle filler neck. According to Chrysler, this was a manufacturing problem.

The automaker alleged that the supplier, Inergy Automotive Systems, had not centered the valve when it was welded to the fuel tank, causing the valve to be distorted by exposure to excessive heat. Four years later, Chrysler expanded the recall to include more vehicles, because the corrections in the manufacturing process initiated after the original recall were only partially effective in preventing a failure of the fuel inlet check valve. Chrysler also had issues with the fuel tanks being difficult to fill and the fuel nozzle shutting off repeatedly during refueling.

Atomizer Popping and Spitting

Then move on the U shape piece and run a piece of cable through it to make sure its clear. Then with the lever up pump up the tank 30x then open the valve all the way you should hear fuel spurting out of the burner rings light it and its is going to be yellow wait a minute or 2 as the genny is heated you should see the flames start to settle down to a nice blue flame around the burner. Dont worry if there is some yellow at the tips of the flame. Turn the lighting lever down and then pump more air into the tank.

Open the second burner valve and light it and open it all the way. You should see the main burner decrease in intensity. Let everything run at full power this helps to clean out any rust and crud that accumulates in the burners. Hope this helps. Also you want to replace the gasket in the fuel cap. These are very complicated. Private message sent also.

Joined: Jan 8, Messages: Also remember that the internet is your friend. Do a quick search on "lighting a coleman stove" and you'll find several videos and sets of printed instruction. Assuming that the manifiold the tubes under the burners are clear of debris then follow the lighting instructions and things should be fine.

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Only use the main burner until the generator is up to operating temperature. These stoves aren't very complicated but it pays to try to understand how they work. Majicwrench Offline Joined: Jun 21, Messages: Really common for something to get into the air tubes, spiders and wasps among other things.

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Even spider webs can restrict air enough to make orange, weak flames. Majicwrench , Jul 1, Hi, Dave It's been a couple of days since I last checked this thread. Did you get fresh fuel in the stove yet, and did it settle some of the problems?

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After rinsing them well with fresh fuel, I've run a mix of Coleman fuel with automotive fuel system cleaner added, and it's helped clear up a lot of problems. I don't know if it's exported, but I'm sure there's a similar product wherever one is. I like it because it's one of the few products I can find which still has enough "nasty stuff" toluene, xylene, maybe another "-ene" or two as well to actually do the job.

It's probably not good to be breathing, but I always fire the stoves outside, so I don't worry that much. If your stove's in reasonable shape, it should only take a tank or two to start seeing some difference. For any of you who visit the lantern forum, it works well on cruddy Coleman lanterns, too, in case you wish to share with the folks there. Rick C.

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I am having a similar problem except there is a steady stream for a long period 30 sec to 2 min beaucoup de flame and leaking fuel around the control. It will start to vaporize once in a while but soon uses up all the gas. Steady stream out of the generator?


Here's How To Make Your Car Exhaust Spit Flames

Forgot to say it is an easylite fairly old. Charles Butler , Sep 12, Joined: Aug 25, Messages: 8, Charles Butler Can you tell us more about the stove?

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What model, how long you have had it, what work you have done, and any other history.