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Trying to pick one book which stands out from is a painful task, but in the end I think the real stand out for me was I Invited Her In by Adele Parks. Without much thought, Mel welcomes Abi into her family. As well as the intense, pacy plot, the book is about friendships, the dynamics between women and the way that power shifts over the course of a friendship. If you love domestic noir then this is certainly one for you — all the hallmarks of a classic thriller, but with the added joy of complex female characters and a totally relatable premise.

Jane Corry , author of The Dead Ex :. From the first sentence, I knew this was going to be an intelligent read with a gripping premise.

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I later lent it to my daughter and also an elderly friend who both devoured it. Lizzy Barber , author of My Name is Anna :. Tim Weaver , author of You Were Gone :. Soren Sveistrup, author of The Chestnut Man :. The book is well-written, thrilling, suspenseful and horrific. It is a milestone in true crime journalism and an impressive tribute to those detectives and forensics who never give up. Lesley Kara , author of The Rumour :.

Ann Cleeves never disappoints. If you like your settings remote and atmospheric, look no further.

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Not to mention the brilliant TV series to watch with the wonderful Douglas Henshall! D B John, author of Star of the North :. My favourite crime novel of the year was Need to Know by Karen Cleveland. I found this short, tightly-written, psychological nail-biter chillingly plausible: how many ordinary Americans have any idea that their loving, caring spouse is a sleeper agent working for a hostile regime? Robert Goddard, author of Panic Room :. It kept this reader as foxed as her indomitable detective, Captain Picaut, right to the end — which was as thought-provoking as it was satisfying.

Veteran American crime novelist John Sandford is one of the most prolific, and in my view, criminally underrated writers out there. To this day, no one knows if Gene Leroy Hart got away with murder, or if the true killer was someone else entirely.

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The killer was an environmental activist and part of the anti-war movement when he murdered his ex-girlfriend, Holly Maddux. Several days before Einhorn was supposed to stand trial, he fled to Europe. As Einhorn had already been arraigned, the court was able to try, convict, and sentence him in absentia. Despite this fact, Einhorn managed to remain in France for 23 years, even getting married while craftily evading extradition.

How 33 Of History’s Most Twisted Serial Killers Finally Met Their End

The U. Einhorn is now serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. This cannibal became a local celebrity after signing himself out of a Japanese mental institution in Issei Sagawa came from a wealthy family and had exhibited cannibalistic urges from an early age, even engaging in bestiality. He was caught and charged with attempted rape. Later, he would move to France to earn his Ph.

D in literature. He admitted to luring the year-old Dutch woman to his apartment under the guise of working on poetry. He said he chose her for her beauty and health—two things he believed he lacked. After shooting her in the neck, he ate various parts of her body over the course of two days. He then attempted to dump her body including two suitcases of her dismembered body parts into a lake in the Bois de Boulogne, but was caught in the act.

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After being held for two years in police custody, Sagawa was deemed legally insane in French court and was ordered to be held indefinitely in a mental health institution. After being deported to Japan, he was declared sane by Japanese psychologists and so was able to sign himself out of care. An English-born Australian serial killer, John Wayne Glover was known for praying on elderly women, including the widow of artist Will Ashton. Over the span of 14 months, between and , Glover murdered six elderly women after brutally attacking them.

Many of his victims were simply women he saw walking past him on the street with whom he struck up casual conversation. In addition to attacking and murdering those six women, Glover was also accused of molesting and sexually assaulting several other elderly women. At his trial, a psychologist noted that while Glover was sane, he had a severe personality disorder, which may or may not have been connected to his turbulent relationships with his mother and mother-in-law.

After being found guilty and sentenced to prison, Glover killed himself in Days before he died, he handed his last visitor a picture he had drawn featuring two trees and the number 9. Supposedly, nine is the true number of murders Glover was responsible for, not merely the six for which he was convicted. This American serial killer was active in the greater New Orleans area between and The brutal serial killer attacked at least 12 people total, most of whom were women. I am not a human being, but a spirit and a demon from the hottest hell.

The axe murderer would strike three more times before his activity eventually ceased. Today, the story of the Axeman has been repopularized thanks to a similar character in American Horror Story: Coven. Under an agreement between Janice and Cameron, and eventually through a forcibly signed contract with Stan, the young woman was to be a sex slave for Cameron, though no penetration initially occurred.

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When Stan was let out of her box—where she spent up to 23 hours a day, eating cold food scraps and using a bedpan—she was tortured and raped using various objects. Several years into captivity, a brainwashed Stan was allowed to visit her family once and even got a job. But when Cameron said he wanted Stan to be his second wife, the entire horrifying situation fell apart.

Stan eventually got on a bus and fled to her family, while Janice turned her husband in, receiving immunity for her full cooperation. This Texas murderer and diagnosed psychopath killed at least one woman, with two more suspected murders to his name. Horror of all kinds.

5 True Crime Stories That Had Unbelievable Plot Twists

History, sociology, and politics, from zombies to serial killers. This week on Twisted Britain Bob recounts the case of the Pimlico Mystery, a case still unsolved to this day and Nadine tells the story of Sally Challen, a case that highlights the issues around Coercive control. This week on Twisted Britain we are joined by Emma as a guest host, Bob tells the story of Patrick MacKay, Britain's forgotten, yet longest serving serial killer, and Nadine tells the tales of the local superheros that keep our small towns safe!!.

This week is Twisted Britain's first Birthday and we have been honoured by the messages we ahe received from some of our favourite podcasts that you will hear in the break.

This week on Twisted Britain Nadine shares what she has found out about the Victorians slightly dubious usage of all things opium and Bob moves on to part 3 of his Glasgow mini series with the miscarriage of justice case of Oscar Slater. This week on Twisted Britain Nadine tells the story of the Glasgow Ice cream wars, focusing on a 20 year miscarriage of justice, Bob continues his mini series with the story of Madeleine Smith. Twisted Britain.

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