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It's all about giving up control and just trusting it, even though it makes no sense according to our current world paradigm and anyone else will think you're crazy. I just know I'm the luckiest girl in the world because I know he exists. And all will unfold as it should if I trust the process. I sincerely believe that I have found my Twin Soul.

My baby sister 23 calls her a female version of me. I have never felt such an intense draw to another human in my life. We share many 11s in our lives. Both of us have an 11 life path. Our combined birth years are Our combined birthdays are We are both artistic people and share so much in the way of passions and beliefs. We lost contact for about 7 years. But it wasn't till she broke up with the person she was dting that we really began talking.

This was on Valentines day. For 4 months we talked on a regular basis, and she began to open up more. She would text me sometimes in the morning, sometimes when she got off work late at night. She would send me pics of her and her pets, of her and a friends little daughter which she is very close to. At times we would text each other throughout the day, all day.

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Then one day she had to go to a music festival she was working. I didn't her from her for almost 2 weeks. I logged onto facebook to see her profile pic with another man with his arms around her. I asked if she was dating him and she nonchalantly said yes.

What Is A Twin Flame?

Almost as if I was supposed to be happy for her like one of her regular friends, and then got upset when I reminded her that I had never hid my intentions for her, my feelings. Though I told her I would always be here for her. We haven't spoken much since then. So to passify him she removed my from her friends on facebook.

Funny thing is, that morning, before I went to my facebook page, I knew. I knew that for some reason she ran from me. We have talked briefly since then. I wanted to, I tried to walk away, but a voice deep inside of me told me no, to be patient and not give up. I told her that I loved her. Not sure if that was smart. But she tried to reason it away.

Still she has not removed me from her life completely. I just keep my distance out of respect and love. My love, feelings and emotions, the intensity of which I have never know has been somewhat overwhelming for me. As a Southern man raised to not cry and keep my emotions in check, I found that I could not keep from crying just from thinking of her. And as hard as I try I can not stop thinking of her.

I hardly shed a tear when my mother passed, and I loved her above all else. My thoughts keep me up for hours on end at night. I have struggled with the pain of losing this woman for a month now and it did not seem to be getting any better. But deep inside I knew she was to be mine.

I knew that we were 2 halves of the same soul. Due to my repeatedly seeing the numbers of 11 and 3 or the numerical equivalent of them for the past year and a half, I started researching numerology. This led me to check out soul mates. I ran across the term of Twin soul and everything it said fit to a tee!

I found out that she was the runner and that we did seem to be 2 halves of the same soul. After reading all of this I was swept with an eerie calm, a peace. I came to know that she was to be mine. As a friend had said, she was just not yet on the same level spiritually with me.

Even so, knowing that this guy she is seeing is a bit of a dick, that we are twin souls, I still have that lingering fear. For I know all is ruled by free will. I still have that fear that she will chose to stay with this guy. For dealing with the fear of something you know will fail and may not really care about is nothing to dealing with the fear of something you truly want failing. I fear that I may have to go on for years before she and I are together, knowing who and what she is.

Knowing that now, giving my heart to another would be all but impossible. I try and tell myself that she is in his life for a purpose. Maybe the development of his soul.

Twin Soul Brothers - Forest Booking

Maybe she has to be hurt once more before she is ready to embrace the love I have to offer. But for the most part I am more at ease. At least more so than I have ever been. I have also used numerology to guide my actions and help figure out the future. I have used a version of the Table of Mars to find out that she and I are in the 3rd phase of a twin soul relationship, and that our fourth phase of reunion is but weeks away. I have been given dates for us moving in together, my proposal and our marriage.

All adding up to 11 and or I do not know if this method is genuine, as only time will tell. I search for a way for her to recognize and accept our connection, to not run anymore. It hurts me emotionally knowing the impending pain she may be in for when this relationship ends. I love her so that I would do anything to protect her from the pain if I could. I could easily say that I love her more than my own life, but since she is a part of me it would be accurate to say that I truly love her as deeply as I love myself.

If only she would believe how I felt and wouldn't keep running or keep me at arms length while still luring me in. Thanks for listening. It is easy for other loved ones to tire of hearing these things.

Taming the Power Struggle in a Twin Flame Connection

Most are very logical people who say that my only solution is to be with another woman and forget about her. Any tips on how I should progress forward, how I can help her develop spiritually and get on my level. How can I encourage us without creating animosity and negativity? Sign Up or Sign In. Powered by. My Page Chat Library. Yes, even though we are opposites in some ways, we have so much in common.

The ability to literally feel one another whether you are with or without your partner I guess that I am not pure of heart and would feel dirty if my soul wanted my brother. Me personally I do not believe we are all ONE I believe we are all from God A twin flame is a spiritual thing. They do not have to be a sexual partner, they can be a brother or a sister, a mother or a grandfather. It is about energy, and not sex or a crush. My experience was very similar to Pebbles. Our souls experienced a divine union that was esctatic, and from that time he could feel my energy filling him and i could feel his the same.

Yes, that is right. It is about energy The sexual energy is how the two become one. TF do not have to have sex for the sexual energy to make them one.. Are you in contact with your twin Pebble? I sometimes wonder if we are seperated until we truly understand the energetic connection A lesson maybe in astral energy and telepathy. Definitely an experience in higher love that needs time to be understood on a soul level.

I have only met him online. I talked with him for almost 3 years. We went through much growth together. He is my balance, he brought me to life. I have never and will never be able to love a soul the way that my soul loves him.

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Last November, we decided to stop contact. That was one of the most heartbreaking experiences that I have ever been through in my life. You know the ones right? Where despite the guy acting like a foolish ass and doing something really stupid and cringe-worthy, the girl ultimately loves him madly and eventually takes him back. I remember as a young boy, wishing away my years in my mind. All because I wanted to arrive at the age where I could have a girlfriend.

I also remember feeling how much affection I would have for said girlfriend. In hindsight, I can see now that such an urge was for me to fill a hole that was blown through my life at a very early age by the betrayal of someone quite close to me. I had no way of giving such a degree of love to myself, therefore I craved it from an external source.

After years of ruining my relationships and the resulting self-work that such a thing thrust me into, I have entered the Twin Flame dynamic. If all relationships are tough, then Conscious or Twin Flame relationships are impossibly tough at times. There are many misconceptions about what a Twin Flame relationship actually is. In reality, a Twin Flame is neither of these things. Soulmate relationships generally have karmic ties and bonds, and often transcend physical lifetimes shared here on Earth.

Although they will still have the struggles associated with all earthly relationships, they are deeply beautiful. A connected experience that has evolutionary and healing lessons attached. I have personally been soul brothers with a dog named Jack who shared my path for some time. Twin Flames are also not two halves of a soul returning to each other in order to become whole again. Although this is a popular line of thought, to my understanding, it is inaccurate. A Twin Flame dynamic occurs within an evolutionarily advanced soul.